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Registration is $60 and payable to BCHS.


Camp T-Shirt is included in Registration.


Open to students in Middle School and High School (Grades 6-12)


The School of Film gives its students the opportunity to explore the entire creative film-making process. This includes: writing, filming, starring, and editing your own movie. The camp provides them with the vocabulary, skills and confidence to become part of the growing community of young filmmakers worldwide with the expert guidance of our award-winning instructors.


Camp Details

  • Acting for Camera - Young actors will learn a mix of acting styles along with audition techniques and strategies and will appear in the films that our young filmmakers make.

  • Pre-production planning will include writing a script, story-boarding, location scouting, set design, and casting.

  • Young filmmakers will work closely with seasoned professionals in specific crew positions, including Director, Cinematographer, Lighting and Sound Supervisor.

  • Young filmmakers will study each shot and select the best takes to make their movie an award worthy movie. Student editors will work with professionals on the special effects, music, etc.


Equipment and Facilities

Students enrolled in BFF “School of Film” will shoot on digital video cameras and learn to edit non-linear audio/video using Adobe Premiere Pro on digital editing systems. BCHS Studio H12 is equipped with the latest equipment and technology.


Camp Schedule

DAY #1 (Tuesday, May 28th - 8AM - 12PM)

Learn about the role of the Screenwriter, Director, and Cinematographer from working professionals. Watch short films made by former Bradley students. Film-making teams and Graduate Producers are assigned to groups of “movie makers”. Learn about Lighting, Sound Recording, and basic Acting exercises. Film-making teams begin Pre-Production as well as location scouting.


DAY #2 (Wednesday, May 29th - 8AM - 12PM)

Rehearse and block scenes. Crews commence production on short films making their movie idea come alive.


DAY #3 (Thursday, May 30th - 8AM - 12PM)

Film shoots continue. Teams watch select takes and “movie makers” begin editing their films. Non-editors work together on developing marketing and social media plans to promote their film and work with designers to create a movie poster for their film. Camper editors complete editing and turn in final cut of film.


DAY #4 (Friday, May 31st - 10AM - 12PM)

This is our day to shine for an audience of family, friends, and fellow campers. A special guest speaker will share with the students about film making. This morning the campers will walk the red carpet and screen their films for an audience of family, friends, and fellow campers. This will give the students a chance to share in their excitement of being a “movie maker” for the first time.


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