BFF Categories

Public Service Announcement

A PSA of 30-seconds or 60-seconds This category focuses on non-commercial public welfare issues such as: anti-smoking, anti-drug or alcohol use, volunteerism, civic beautification, etc. Generally, any topic that is widely viewed as improving social welfare.

Short Feature Film

Up to 8-minutes. A short movie must tell a story. Think about the beginning, middle, climax, and the ending. In other words, everything you learned in English class. A good movie starts with a good script. "Mocumentaries" can be entered in this category. Length is measured from the first of the title to the end of the credits.

30-Second Comedy Short

Must be exactly 30-seconds long! Tell a funny story from the cameras perspective in 30-seconds.

Commercial Advertisement

30-seconds or 60-seconds Most High School T.V. programs have a "Newscast" and some of the best creative work is done for ads. This category is for your best ad created this year. Subject of the commercial must be a school-related activity - not a commercial product.


Up to 8-minutes. This is an in-depth, non-fiction, look at an event, person, place or thing. No "mocumentaries" please.

News Story

Up to 3-minutes. This is the solid broadcast journalism category. The winner will be the story that most effectively communicates who, what, when, where, why, and how of your chosen topic which can include school sports.

LIP DUB Music Video

Up to 8-minutes. Any appropriate song may be used. Absolutely no vulgar language or video may be used or displayed in this interpretation of a song.

Comedy Short

Up to 3-minutes. This is a broad category for entering what you think is funny. This can be school related or otherwise.

Stop Motion Video

This is a specialty category for those students that have the patience for stop-frame animation. Be sure your animation tells a story.

Animated Video

This is a specialty category for those students that excel in computer graphics, computer animation or flash. Be sure your animation tells a story.